IMG_20140227_083136I am a birth & postnatal doula supporting families during pregnancy, birth and beyond. I work under the national organization of Doula UK, who promote positive birth and supporting families. I am an antenatal teacher and peer breastfeeding support worker.

My role as a childbirth educator  is to help you learn, to empower and support you on your journey to parenthood, if this is your first or fifth child. I offer one-on-one sessions as well as small groups.

My role as a Birth Doula is to support you to have the most empowering and satisfying time you can during pregnancy, labour and birth. I offer emotional & practical support, by helping you and your partner become an effective team,  explaining how the birth process works, finding comfort measures that work for you, if needed I can be your advocate. My goal is to help you to feel safe and relaxed. I do not lead nor advise, yet assist you to find the right choices for you.

As a Postnatal doula my presence is to help you find your feet in the early days of adjusting to life with a new baby in the house. Offering practical, emotional support and encouragement I can do a variety of household tasks such as clear the sink of dishes, cook lunch, change nappies, walk the dog. Just ask!

Gift certificates: If you someone you know has just had a baby and you’d like to be there to help.

For people further away I offer ‘distance doula-ing‘ through Skype and phone to provide support and information conveniently to you.

Celebrate your coming birth with a Blessingway. This event is to invite your circle of women friends to gather towards the end of your pregnancy. Together we create an space to celebrate, honour and invite other women to be a part of the journey, weaving the web of sisterhood doing whatever feels comfortable to you. We can make it as simple as a shared meal, to sit in circle and share stories, or a more held ceremony to honour motherhood as a rite of passage; the choice is yours.

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