Hazel Tree

supporting women to be their amazing selves

Empowered childbirth education ~ Birth support ~ Mother blessing & Baby naming ceremony ~ Women's circle

Pregnant? Tired of feeling like you can’t trust your body to have the birth you want? Want to feel confident, empowered and calm about giving birth?

I’m going to help you restore this trust in your body and have you feeling confident, empowered and calm as a woman to do anything you want with your life.

Rather than giving away our power and following the masculine model of hard work and striving we’re going to do this the feminine way by embracing ease, grace and beauty. As you might be realizing this is different to many other kinds of childbirth preparation.

Let’s bring back the sacred feminine to our lives and honour the goddess within!

In the areas of work, relationships, sex, or birth, the feminine has been de-valued so much that instead of feeling confident, empowered, and free, we can feel like we’re not enough, too much, guilty, or ashamed and we end up compromising, staying small, and don’t ask for what we want. It’s time for that to change.

This is why I not only offer holistic childbirth education but also ceremonies to honour these huge life transitions as well as ongoing women’s circles to keep the sacred alive in our everyday lives.


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